ZIECON is a name that will not only stand the test of time but will also bring to the patient quality dental treatment.

ZIECONĀ“s quality remains world class and what more; the product comes with an assuring 5-year warranty and biocompatibility, with these certifications-

What is Zirconia?

ZIECON ceramic is manufactured from an eminent quality Zirconium Oxide called Zirconia (ZrSiO4) - a mineral that belongs to the class of Silicates. Zirconia is being used in prosthetic dentistry for around two decades. Sometimes called white steel, Zirconia is a ceramic material that has been used to create substructures in cosmetic dentistry to give crowns and bridges a whiter brighter more translucent quality. Zirconia is 100% biocompatible and is the preferred material for numerous medical applications.

Crowns and bridges based on Zirconia are the strongest and most aesthetically translucent restorations available in dentistry today - up to five times stronger than all-porcelain restorations, nothing looks more like natural teeth.

Why Zirconia?

In the past, most crowns and bridges have been Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM). These restorations, built on a dark metal alloy base, tend to look opaque and monochromatic, with a darker grayness at the gum line. All ceramic dental restorations made with Ziecon match the appearance and translucency of natural teeth.

Bio-Ceramic Division

To ensure ZIECON meets international quality parameters, Jyoti Ceramic has established a separate bio-ceramic division, equipped with the latest MOM (Manually Operated Copy Milling machines) and CNC CAD/CAM Milling systems, state-of-the-art R & D Lab, engineering workshop and tool room to support it.

The new generation CAD/CAM Milling systems make the revolutionary ZIECON crowns and bridges. A 5-axis LASER scanner scans the dental dyes followed by milling, using a 4-axis High Precision CAD/CAM Milling Machines. The fourth axis ensures that all intricate dental curves and angles are captured; thereby creating the finest fitting crowns that allows a dentist to maintain the natural tooth anatomy. It also gives the most accurate and comfortable dental restoratives to ensure that the end product is characterised by perfect anatomy in terms of its physical properties, natural appearance and accurate dimensions.

  • Highly bio-compatible
  • Completely non-metallic, non-allergic and tissue-friendly
  • Premium quality at easy price
  • Steel strong & durable
  • Naturally aesthetic and translucent
  • Single crown to full-arch (14 unit) bridge availability
  • No harmful radio-active traces

ZIECON will alter the way dental care is perceived, in possessing several eminent characteristics such as non-metallic, non-allergic, bio-compatible, tissue-friendly, naturally aesthetic, steel strong and durable with impeccable accuracy. CAD/CAM manufactured ZIECON restoratives can be matched with the colour shade of natural teeth. With its accurate anatomical structure, perfect fit and translucent nature, ZIECON restoratives are indistinguishable from any natural dentine.